Broom & Bones - A Dark Arts Shop
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #30

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For this project, I used Isomalt for the window glass, the potions bottles and a moulded skull. I had in mind a dark arts shop, and I was inspired by Harry Potter's movies. Unfortunately, I ruined the glass quite badly right in the middle of the window with the fondant (learned to never ever let them touch!). It is my first PBPC, my first gingerbread construction (not from Ikea ) it a bit rushed but I surely had a lot of fun!


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Congratulations on your first challenge entry!  I think this is a really creative entry, and a great way to work on your isomalt skills. I was wondering why your "glass" was cloudy." It was good to hear that it was from coming in contact with fondant and not because you under-heated the isomalt! Lesson learned! Well done, you.