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I love this font, which is the same that I use for my watermark (Jenna Sue, licensing fees paid).
After my β€œManu”, β€œHello Spring” and β€œHappy Easter” sets that I made during this year, I made a Christmas one but written in Italian.
The letters are handcut. I rather handcutting that using cookie cutters because I usually make just one cookie platter, and it doesn’t take so much time. Another reason is that cutting my own letters gives me the freedom to choose their sizes, which may vary depending on the size of the cookies that surrounds the word or the words.

 β€œHello Spring”, β€œ Manu”, β€œHappy Easter”


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  • β€œHello Spring”, β€œ Manu”, β€œHappy Easter”: Cookies and Photo by Manu
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