Candy Dish Cookies, Anyone?
3-D Work is always inspired by the genius of Julia!!

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I made a very similar 3D candy dish some time ago and was asked to make a birthday gift that closely resembled it. I love 3D work . Each project has its own challenges and fun elements and I see that there is so much more to learn!! How does Julia make it look so easy!

I loved Julia @Julia M. Usher's idea of embossing a cookie, cutting it into a flower shape and then baking it over a silicone dome. To keep things symetrical I made the base with a round cutout of the same embossed pattern and sprayed both pieces with gold metallic paint. To give some dimension I then dabbed some gold (Rolkem) metallic dust extended with alcohol across the top of the embossed image. It did give some added shine which I liked.

The first one I made in white, gold and black was pretty overall but there were a lot of mistakes and poor piping that I wanted to improve for this project. As this 3D piece was to be shipped I was very concerned about how to make it sturdy yet still be 100% edible. The only solution that came to mind was to use corn syrup to glue 2 frosting sheets together and while still pliable I put some very thick RI along one end and rolled it up tightly until completely dry. It was surprisingly rigid but I'm still concerned about how well it will hold up to shipping (crossing my fingers after VERY, VERY careful packaging!!!).

I made holes in each cookie and ran the frosting sheet through the holes on the top and then again on the bottom where the cookies were glued together.

Each of the stripes on the top and bottom matched up perfectly (Yay!!). Overall, I still see many areas for improvement as the fondant border on the top and bottom edge wasn't the best choice because I had to adhere it to the curve while still pliable but it tended to misshape in the process. So, I was in the position of trying to "fix" it  and even replaced it in some areas. Ugh!!

Perhaps my 3rd try will be the "charm" to correct all the challenges... I'd like to have some of Julia's engineering mind .

Original Candy Dish made at the end of 2017

Open Candy Dish

Candy Dish with Accent Cookies


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swissophie posted:

This is breathtakingly beautiful, dear Carol @Cookies Fantastique ❀️❀️❀️, such an eye pleaser! I love all the many details, but that Lambeth style boarder!!! It's totally gorgeous, and so is the color combo!!!

Thank you so much for your kind comment dear Sonja @iSugarfy (aka swissophie) ❀️. The border is a fondant mold rather than my own piping . I'll have to give it a try sometime though. I've been crazy busy lately and haven't even been able to get to making some Easter cookies!! I've never let an Easter go by without making a lot of cookies...sigh. I love this time of year with all the eggs, bunnies and beautiful colors .

Your work continues to amaze and inspire me my dear friend ❀️❀️❀️

Update: I received a very kind note from the recipient of this gift.   Everything arrived in tact!!! The birthday "girl" loved it 😊. Isn't that always the best news?! Many,  many thanks to all who looked, liked, and/or commented about this project. 

The CC community is beyond kind and so incredibly encouraging and supportive. Thanks again ❀❀❀