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Last spring I bought this pretty pegasus cutter and I had wanted to make a gingerbread pegasus carousel. Finally I had enough time to think about this project, but the whole carousel is definitely massive work, so I decided to make something like one carousel horse music box.

For the wings, I applied flooding icing with a paint brush, then piped shells using a PME 42 tip and pulled them with a damp paint brush. (I think I saw this type of brush embroidery technique somewhere online but I don’t remember whose it is...)

IMG_6675 - コピー


For the stick to hold the pegasus, I applied flooding grey icing on a lollipop stick with a paint brush and then applied pearl lustre powder.

For the pedestal, I filed each piece with microplane to 45 degree before icing and also after icing, so that the gaps of the joints are small enough to cover with teardrop borders.

IMG_6675 - コピー [2)



Images (2)
  • IMG_6675 - コピー
  • IMG_6675 - コピー (2)
Bakerloo Station posted:

This is just exquisite. I am fascinated by that wing.  Do you mind is I ask you how you did it?

Thank you! The wing is cover with something like brush embroidery. I piped shells with a small rope tip (PME 42) then pulled each shells with a damp paint brush. I found this technique on youtube or someone's blog, but I can't remember...

Oh I just love this design SO much!!! Such perfection with every detail, as always . I, too, am totally fascinated by the brush embroidery technique you used on the wing. It's gorgeous!! The little details at the top of the peg and the little pedestal are wonderful β™₯. The colors couldn't be more perfect. How did you achieve that beautiful dark blue color? What an ingenius idea to shape the pedestal in this way. I love it ❀️❀️❀️

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