Christmas in the Candlelight

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I also made these stained glass cookies with gummy bears. The first Charche is totally failed because I put the gummy bears on the baking sheet. They are overcooked and hard as a candy.
On the 2nd try, I poured it again after baking. That worked!


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Oh how gorgeous dear Gabi @Icingsugarkeks!! It's always so beautiful to see light shining through a clear "window" on a cookie . Love these! Do you have a cutter that you used with the candle design? How did you create the cookie dough with this design if you didn't have a special cutter? Gummy bears...Hmmm. I have heard of this working before but haven't tried it. How do they do with humid climes? How many gummies did you use per cookie? What a great way to create a "window" effect on a cookie. I must try this idea my dear ❤️❤️

Carol, my cookie friend, Thank you so very much for your kind comment!! 😘❤️
Handling the gummy bears is quite a mess.   @Cookies Fantastique by Carol
It pulls threads like isomalt, but remains elastic for a long time! If you bake the gummy bears, it will be like on my last picture. They over cook, get hard and the cookie doesn't look nice anymore. With the melting of the gummy bears, you have to try that. Always in the microwave for only 2-3 seconds. If I need the amount of 2 gummy bears, I'll put 3-4 in my little jar. The gummy bears flow slow moving than isomalt and much remains on the jar. I just let it boil super briefly and take the jar out immediately, tap it briefly on the table so that the bubbles disappear faster and pour it straight away. To get into the corners, the elasticity of the bears has a positive effect. You just have to pull the mass.
I created the cutter myself, dear Carol. He was created in a 3D program.
This is how he looks like:



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Icingsugarkeks posted:

Love it!! You are amazing Gabi...lots of cyber hugs @Icingsugarkeks❤️❤️