Christmas Twinkle - Gingerbread Dunkers
gingerbread dunkin' sticks, almond RI, outline-flood, airbrushed shading, airbrushed pearl dust

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Laegwen posted:

That's a nice idea - and even nicer executed. My favorite are the birch trees... or the mistle toes?

thank you for the kind words Laegwen! I am also in love with shimmer this season; I've managed to cover three sets of cookies and half a kitchen in pearl dust

Cookies Fantistique by Carol posted:

What an awesome idea!! I absolutely love these ... Amazing work

thank you Carol! these are fairly large cookies, 6"L x 1.5"W...and thick, rolled to 1/4" before baking, puffed just over 1/4"...and they stay soft!

La abuelita de las galletas posted:
virago posted:
La abuelita de las galletas posted:

Wowww very, very original and beautiful everyone of them!!!!

thank you so much Carmen!

Thanks to you, I am very pleasantly surprised that you address me by my real name. Thanks again!! I wish you a Merry Christmas !!!

you have your facebook page listed under your profile on I popped over to it and saw your name! and a very Merry Christmas to you!!!