Cocktail Dresses
The dresses were a bit of a mess around after doing the other cookies for an order. Not really done anything "lace-like" before. As always, practice needed. :)

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Marie - LilleKageHus posted:

Thank you ever so much everyone

I love that idea Manu, thank you  

It's Jewel Dark Gold from Rainbow Dust Laegwen (I think actually it's just non-toxic rather than edible now I look at the tub) 

Haha, I already have that one! I only never used it because I was confused by the non-toxic thing...

I like them, the set and the colors. To be your first time with lace the result is amazing!

You know what? Scrolling in the main page, at first sight, the golden dress made me think about a cat and about an Egyptian sarcophagus of a cat... maybe it was the perspective of the picture, or maybe the beautiful effect of the gold. Just an idea to repourpose the cutter.