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I made this set for the daughter of a friend of mine. I put them on a cake dummy just to take a pic. They will be the decorations of an home made marble cake, dusted with icing sugar, prepared by my friend and to be served to the girls for breakfast after a sleepover. The theme is Fall, but I thought to use soft girly colors for a soft awakening. The candles will fill the space in the middle of the cake.

Econlady posted:

So cute!

Thank you!

Anne Marie Adams posted:

If it's not too late I would have liked to see the cake all finished with your cookies and decorations it would be another you complete me collaboration with you and your friend and I'd like to give you a little warning it's never a quiet wake up on a sleepover enjoy the party

Thank you, Anne. I will attach the picture in the first comment as soon as I will get it.

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