Crystal Dragonfly
1 of 5 entries I created for the Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #30

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For the challenge I worked with isomalt. Instead of just one cookie design I planned several different ones. Just in case something goes wrong, haha... let's blame bad experiences with isomalt so far.

My first test was ok, but when working on the cookies the isomalt have been sticky right aways. And I am sure it will ruin them quickly. Still don't know how to handle isomalt right (except from making in liquid and getting it into the right shape).

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This is my fourth entry. 
While looking for useful tips about isomalt on CC, I also stumbled upon the bumble bee with isomalt wings by @Hiromi (see it here  https://cookieconnection.julia...ip/bumble-bee-cookie) and I instantly fell in love with it. Bumble bees, dragonflies and butterflies... I can't resist those. But I didn't want to create just another bumble bee, so I went for a dragonfly (kinda matching the third cookie for the challenge).

Again I created a template out of "Moosgummi" for the wings. It worked nicely this time, but the wings had quite a few bubbles in it and were too thick (for me). So I have it another try. This time the wings had less big bubbles, were a bit thinner, but had rough edges. Both times not perfect, but I went with the second batch, as they looked better in general.

While piping the dragonfly parts I realized that the random isomalt drops (again haha), could work as eyes as well. That wasn't planned, but looked nice!
Attaching the wings didn't work out like I had in mind (a bit too heavy), so I had to place them directly on the cookie instead of having them up in the air.



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Lovely! Can you tell us how you got the details on the wings and background? Were they painted on? And if painted on the wings, did you extend with alcohol or water? I always worry about getting water on sugar/isomalt as it can either dissolve or cloud it over time. Thanks!

@Jane B I still have no idea how to work with isomalt right. Working on these cookies helped a bit... and also trying out different things.

@Heather Bruce Sosa Thank you!! ♥

@Julia M. Usher ah, yes. It's all painted. I just love painting on cookies, because you are way more flexible with shades and colors.  
Usually I use dust colors and alcohol for any painting I do. I prefer dust colors, because you get a matte effect (gels always end up glossy). 

It doesn't always work out, depending on how liquid the color got, but most of the time it works fine for me. Most of the time it doesn't work, it's because the icing had the wrong consistency.
If the paint ends up too liquid it helps to dab it on a paper towel to get rid of the wetness.  

So far I had no problem with dissolving the icing itself. It's rather that the surface sometimes gets a little uneven, as if the color is roughen it - so far I found out that it depends on the colors (like metallics love to do that) and the ratio of color/liquid.

Cookies Fantastique by Carol posted:

Wow!! What an amazing dragonfly...I'm in total awe of your skill and steady hands. The color is gorgeous. What did you use to create it? I love all of your work so much ❤️

Aww, thank you so much @Cookies Fantastique by Carol ♥ ♥ ♥

It's dust colors (jade and light blue) mixed with a little bit of white gel colors.  For the dust colors I used alcohol to work with it.

Bakerloo Station posted:

This is a gorgeous cookie, and I love that you were inspired by @Hiromi's bumble bee cookie! As you learned with this cookie, it is really hard to get the isomalt thin enough to serve as insect wings, but you did a terrific job. The painting of the wings is also lovely! 

I think, if you have a warm/hot bottom (like a warm plate or so) it could prevent that the isomalt cools down quickly, so that you have more time to work with tiny bits of isomalt or get it in the right shape, without having it too thick in the end. I might have to try this at some time later.

Thank you! ♥