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Cucumber and Tomato Platter with Dip (from icingsugarkeks)
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge # 39

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Oh, I hope I've followed all the rules of this challenge ...
Here is my first post.

A plate of tomato and cucumber slices with dip.
Tomato & cucumber = solid food
Dipp = liquid food
Media types:
1x icing cookies, 1x bare cookie
Icing hand-painted and stamped (cucumber)
Wet in wet icing and painted (tomatoes)
What I'm proud of:
on the amount of cookies
What would I do differently:
- make the icing a little more fluid and therefore smoother and additionally shape the edge of the vegetables with an airbrush gun
- represent the "chive rolls" more realistic!
What have I learned:
Oh, you can make the same cookies x times and something will always be different ...
I would say I learned what I would do differently next time ...



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  • build stamp...: icingsugarkeks

Thank you for sharing all of the information about your cookies.  Royal icing is definitely a medium but a bare cookie is more like a blank canvas than a medium; however, paint is also a medium, so you do have two. I like how you used a sponge technique for the cucumbers. I am glad that you learned from this - and that is definitely a lot of cookies to be proud of! Your "chives" on top of your dip look very realistic. I would love to know how you made them.

Thank you Christine. ❀️  @Sweet Prodigy
Yes, the "chive rolls" look realistic on the dip, but the others don't ...
For the rolls I sprayed flat "tapes" onto foil with a wide, flat nozzle and cut them into pieces with a knife. The icing was very firm! The failed rolls are just broken.

Well, please don't sell yourself short on the ones that didn't turn out as you had hoped. The "chive rolls" on top of your dip look convincingly realistic.