Eat Me Cookies
icing decorated cookies

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Hi, Criss. These cookies are very nice, but please re-read the site posting guidelines before posting again.

There were a couple of issues with this post:
1) We don't allow posting of more than 5 images at one time or in rapid succession - you exceeded that limit.
2) We discourage mass uploads (uploading a bunch all at once), as the sets and tags that get applied to the upload get applied to all images in that upload, whether they apply or not. This usually results in classification errors, as in your case. This image, for instance, was classified as a cake and a cupcake, and it contains none of those things. Misclassifications just muddy up site searches.

I've reclassified all six of your images that you just uploaded, but this is super time consuming for me to do, so I would very much appreciate it if you heed the posting rules next time. Thanks so much!