Elegance: Flying Squirrel, Sheep and Ballroom Dance
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #24

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Love Cookies posted:

Sorry, I mean sheep. Every thing you did is really awesome, my favorite is your dad collection, the bird with the fish and your sheep. I love how the horns flow with the butterfly shape, very nice. 

Julia M. Usher posted:

I love the ram/goat too!

Thank you, I was wondering the right name for what I made,  goat, sheep with horns or ram.... something which has horns and beard  English is another difficult thing for me to handle.  

Evelindecora posted:

Absolutely AMAZING!!! This is the best PBPC ever, every single entry is an incredible surprise. This set of yours is breathtakingly beautiful ❀️❀️❀️

I needed days to sketch design, I really need a big eraser because mine is broken now, I do not know any basics of drawing and painting, but I try to learn by myself until the day when I see you, Evelin.