Fish & Chips
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #39

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This time I didn't use molds at all,pattern icons printed and used as on photos down,same the cutting board,created without cutter and mold,only pattern appllied on dough.Fish iced with royal icing and handpainted, fish fin  separately made so looking more 3d,lemons I tried wet on wet technique,chips just cutted in shape of potato chips,iced and painted,used also airbrush for edges,knife also iced and painted

As liquid food I additionaly uploaded a new photo.. plus gingerbread bowl with "mayonnaise" fluid colored royal icing becouse I didn't read enough good Rules and in our cookie creation must be also LIQUID FOOD and not only SOLID FOODIMG_0919IMG_0910FotoJet - 2020-03-31T175752.737.jpgppu


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Sweet Prodigy posted:

I am so glad you added the liquid to this entry. The colors, texture, dimension, and silver-like shine really make your fish look like the real thing. You also did a fantastic job on your props, especially your cutting board, which looks more like a real cutting board than a cookie. Nice work!

Thank you, thank you,thank you❀️I'm so glad,can't even describe with words❀️

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