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Fox on the Roof Tile
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #40

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I like foxes,so I choose for next challenge entry young fox

To mix icings I used separately Caramel,Ivory,Orange together with a bit Sugarflair super red,very light grey,After baked and cool down of my gingerbread roof tile brushed wit spatula white and light grey on,then drying in owen,then etched to get older look.So  we could start with our young fox,had nice picture so I drew on my tile,I created more fat coating of royal so I get 3D effect of fox nose,other part just lightly spred with different colored stiff royal icing.Continued with emroidery brushing.On the end I used airbrush to finish some details with brown color round the tile and on our cute fox,Hope you will like my entry,I really try my best❀️IMG_1420IMG_1429IMG_20200701_212325[1]


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