Frozen Tundra's Delight
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #35

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For this entry I was inspired by a children's book I read to a little girl in my daycare this morning, and by the fact that there is an air conditioning duct by my desk, making me super super cold all summer. I love to make fondant shapes and paint them for a dramatic effect. Here are a collection of frozen tundra darlings, hand painted over fondant with Americolor gels. I looked at photos (of my desired baby animals) and used real life animals to get the realistic effect I love. Thanks for the great challange!

Bakerloo Station posted:

I love the dimension you achieved with the fondant. Your shading, especially of the whale's tail and the water in that cookie, is incredibly realistic. This set is so very you, Kim, and very beautiful. 

Awe, thanks so much! I'm glad you like them! I think these challenges bring out the best in us all.