Gobble Gobble Cookies

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This set was a project that took quite a bit of time to plan and complete but what fun!! The oak and maple leaf cookies are based on a design by Nadia of My Little Bakery with just a few tweaks but very close to hers. The acorn cookies are inspired by Lucy of Honeycat Cookies.

I was excited to be working on 3-D cookies as well. I looked at so many different designs and both 3-D cookies are a combination of various techniques  that I tweaked from ideas seen on various sites. The brushed effect on the forefront 3-D turkey is a technique I learned from SweetAmbs.

I've been working on improving my airbrushing skills and @Julia M. Usher's Prettier Placque stencils have given me just the right amount of complexity to keep working at making those improvements. I love how well the elements of the 5-piece placque set can work with so many different cookie designs!! Many, many thanks to you, @Julia M. Usher for creating so much more than "just a stencil" (I love your creative and high quality stencils along with the versatility that you continually include with each set).

I hope that each of you here at CC has a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration this year . May the day/s be filled with family, friends, grateful hearts for all the blessings in your lives and that you will have the opportunity to share the day with family and friends ♥♥♥.

Hugs to all...

swissophie posted:

Knew these were yours, when I saw them, Carol! Such a wonderful set!!! Love the color palette and all those many beautiful details!!! Just awesome!!!

 Thank you so much Sonja!! We all seem to develop unique decorating styles and continue to add techniques and more details throughout our cookie decorating journey.  Don't you just love it?! I  love to challenge myself to continue to improve with each cookie... So much fun