Golden Birthday - Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #26
Gift for my grandmother's upcoming 80th birthday. Also an entry for Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #26.

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Originally I wanted to give miniatures a try. But the set I wanted to create for this challenge  should be a gift for my grandmother later (to eat) also. That's why I am leaving the miniature challenge for anytime later...

So while thinking what else I could do, I finally managed to watch another of Julias awesome video tutorials. I do have an awful internet connection, so that is really a challenge everytime and it often needs several tries until I can watch them completely.
I just love her needlepoint works and still had her needlepoint cookie box bookmarked.
While watching it, I was sure that this would be something my grandmother would like... So let's go for this!

Never did needlepoint before and am surprised how well it went. But hey... with such an awesome teacher (even indirectly) nothing can go wrong, right? β™₯

Did some basic sketches first and prepared the grid and flooded areas. Then counted all the spaces, drew the grid on paper and worked out different designs.
The "E" is the first letter of my grandmothers name and she loves birds. Wanted to have that added to give the cookies a more personal touch. The rest are random flowers and patterns as I didn't had as much space as I thought I would have to work with πŸ˜‚

Golden Birthday WIP


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Bakerloo Station posted:

This is a lovely, lovely set.  I am SURE that your grandmother adored these!  You did a terrific job emulating Julia's needlepoint style. Her tutorial videos really are amazing, but geez, you have some serious innate talent to create a needlepoint set like this on your first try! This is a fabulous addition to the challenge!

Thank you! β™₯
She will get them on Friday (that's her birthday), then I will know more But I am pretty sure she won't eat them right away - like always - and keeps them as decoration for a while first.

I am a perfectionist and also did cross stitch, hardanger etc before. Maybe that helped.
And when making cookies for special people I always try hard to make them as good as possible.

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