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Hi StacyZ!
I used a PME 1 for small details and a PME 2 for pumpkins, macarons, ghosts and cake. Using a creamy consistency icing you can squeeze it on an acetate sheet, if you wait few minutes between a step and another one you can obtain volumes. No fondant has been used to make these miniatures. For the cake: just squeeze a 'big' ball on your sheet and let it dry overnight; the day after put in on a nail (the tool to pipe roses) and working with a spatula you can cover your little cake as it is a real one. For pumpkins: squeeze a small ball, wait few minutes, then starting from the bottom do icing drops. When dry you can add red powder on the cheeks and paint tiny eyes and mouth. I hope to have been helpful and hope to find the time to make a serious tutorial of it. Thank you, Evelin ^^
Originally Posted by StacyZ:

Amazing detail.


can you please provide some hints on making 3d sweets in royal icing?  Is there sugar paste or fondant underneath?  Do you make small layers and let RI dry ?


any tips will be welcomed. Thank you