Happy Birthday to Mom
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Sweet Prodigy - Christine posted:

Your cookies always tell the most interesting stories, Ryoko. Did your mom eat these cookies or did she save them?

She said she was going to show them off to her friends who make flowers  but she said that's only to show not to give.  After that, I am pretty sure she is going to eat at least the one of "77", that's she does not want to keep.   Today I take her to grocery store, she said she was going to ask the delivery.  That's a better idea than dragging what she buys. 

carouselselsel posted:

Oh, love these, Ryoko! They are so cute and fun! Love your creativity and your great sence of humour you also put in your cookie design, unique! Love the numbers cookie too, the numbers are sooooooo pretty and did you use the marbelling technique for the flooding? It's so beautiful.

Thank you, Zara.  It was really fun to make.   Yes, I use marble technique, it turned out very pretty,  it is fun, we can combine some colors, that's you also love to do

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