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This is not quite finished, yet... want to add some 3D Isomalt fish to the corals still. Am posting it now because I didn't want to miss wishing all you wonderful moms out there a very Happy Mother's day!!!

The heart is all isomalt with royal icing outlines. Behind the bottom "waves" and the ocean floor, of course, are cookies to hold the thing in place, thus no light getting through, and darker, but they are backed with isomalt as well.

The picture below I add to show you a new technique I applied here. Usually I fill in the isomalt on a mirror image and use the very flat back as front. So here I added on this flat side some clear isomalt over the water drops, fish and delphins to add some dimension. And I'm really happy with the result.




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  • Mothersday_Isomalt_Heart_5_sonja_galmad
Icingsugarkeks posted:

OMG Sonja!!! Ist das ein Traum von Cookie-Szene!!!!! Einmalig schân in Idee, Materialien, Farbe und vor allem Umsetzung!!!! Die Seesterne und Korallen sind so filigran, sie sehen aus wie aus Glas! Wieviel Stunden Arbeit stecken denn dahinter?? Absolute Meisterklasse!!!!!!!!! ❀️ @iSugarfy (aka swissophie)

Vielen herzlichen Dank für Deinen gedankenvollen Kommentar, liebe Gabi @Icingsugarkeks ❀️❀️❀️!!! Bin froh, dass es Dir gefÀllt . Ich habe einige Tage daran gearbeitet, hier und da mal ein paar Stunden, aber wie lange genau, kann ich nicht sagen, aber ziemlich viele : Nochmals vielen Dank !

Cookies Fantastique by Carol posted:

Wow!!! What an amazing creation dear Sonja @iSugarfy (aka swissophie)!! Such incredible detail and what a special Mother's Day gem.  I hope you've had a wonderful day ❀❀❀

Thanks ever so much for your kind words, my sweet friend @Cookies Fantastique ❀️❀️❀️! Had a lovely day, thanks for asking. Hope you got spoiled to no end !

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