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Happy Spring
Some of the cookies for my upcoming course in the Dominican Republic

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Cookies Fantastique by Carol posted:

Beautiful Julia! I just love the amazing detail you achieve with your airbrush . Am excited for its launch ❀️

Thanks so much, though just the backgrounds on these cookies are airbrushed, and only partially. Stamping, painting and dusting are used more than airbrushing on these cookies.

Lyoshka posted:

Gorgeous! Can you comment on a good resource for stamping (and that specific one, LOVE it!) ? Very new to that technique. thank you!

Thanks! I have a number of videos on my YouTube channel that cover my preferred rubber-stamping technique, so you might check out my YouTube channel. I have used six different stamps on these two cookies, so I'm not sure which one you mean. But, if I recall correctly (I bought many of these stamps eons ago), most came from Michaels or Hobby Lobby, except possibly the big bird on branch (in back), which may have come from an online shop called Red Lead. I prefer to use the red rubber stamps, as the clear ones sometimes repel food coloring. Some people sand the latter to roughen them up to take coloring, but this can also damage some of the finer details on the stamps. Hope this helps some!

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