Hardanger Cookies
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #32

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radicaledward posted:

Thanks!  Hardanger is an embroidery technique popular in Nordic countries.  It involves stitching on blank canvas, cutting away some threads, and then adding extra embellishments in the blank spaces.  If the challenge rules hadn't forbidden it, I would have left some of the cookie showing in spaces.  You can read more about Hardanger here: http://www.caron-net.com/apr99files/apr99fea.html

Interesting!  Thank you!

GinkgoWerkstatt posted:

I never thought that I would ever see Hardanger cookies. Like that idea!
Bet it would also look great with "holes".

I agree it would be great with the "holes."   I would have left them this time, but I was trying to meet the challenge guidelines.  Next time, though!!