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A Video by Julia M Usher

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Better late than never, as they say! I love to go all-out at the Christmas holiday season, and this 3-D Christmas fireplace is an example of one of those all-out cookies that took on a life of its own! But it’s finally done, and I hope it serves as a special, albeit last-minute, Christmas gift to you. Happy holidays, everyone!

For the complete how-to on YouTube:

Anne Marie Adams posted:

Wow Julia you always amaze me. Loved the video. Where did you get the brick Impressions stencil I've been looking for one that size or bigger for a project I'm working on. Please and thank you

Thanks! If you go to the video on YouTube and look in the video description underneath, I link to all of the sources there. I don't recall offhand, which is why I am directing you there. Happy holidays!

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