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Tired of mixing a bunch of icing colors for your cookies? I know, I know, sometimes I get fed up with mixing icing too, which is why I made this video! Here, I show how to get highly decorative effects on cookies just by embossing sheets of dough and then treating the baked dough with edible food coloring sprays or paints. Easy, richly detailed texture without any icing clean-up – what could be better?!


This technique is different than the technique I use for embossing smaller cookies in molds, primarily because it uses non-oven proof texture mats and therefore requires out-of-mat baking and a recipe adjustment.


Want to see this technique in action in a project (or two)? Check out my recent 3-D enamel filigree cookie box video, as well as my upcoming 3-D castle and lizard cookie videos!


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A-ma posted:

Hi Julie. These are fun! When you indicated using clear extract to mix the luster dust, you also mentioned using alcohol. What type of alcohol? Edible, right? Thanks

Of course, it must be edible! (NO rubbing alcohol, which is lethal in small doses!!) I believe I mentioned using a clear alcohol-based extract (like lemon extract, which is what I often/usually use). You can also use clear alcohol like vodka. The alcohol evaporates quickly and you won't taste it. But I usually use a flavored extract. The latter must be alcohol- and not water-based though, as these dusts are typically not water soluble.

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