Icy Woods
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #35

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Hello everyone! ♥️
This is my cookie project called "Icy Woods" originally designed for the Practice bakes perfect challenge #35. 


*INSPIRATION from Bob Ross painting tutorial "Through a window" as a base, and all the rest is my own creation*

It's a Hand painted gumpaste plaque over an antique wood textured cookie, with hand piped details + dimension with Royal icing!
The rules for the challenge required no airbrush, no other color/different than the base color (in my case, I used white gumpaste, and all the hand piped/modelled details were made with white Royal icing, hand painted over it.) 

Here I attach all the process so you can see I'm not cheating, hehe! 


As you can see here ⬆️ this was my original idea, but after having very humid days here (I live in an island! Haha) the design carved in cookie ended up getting destroyed. So I decided to change the idea, and try something more "interesting" [THE BASE OF THE GUMPASTE PLAQUE IS WHITE.]



Here ⬆️ is the hand painted process, nothing but gel food colorings + vodka + white food coloring



Here ⬆️ All the details have been hand piped with white Royal icing, to create detailing, dimension, and more realism to the painting


Here ⬆️ is where I decided to create the "wow" factor, so I previously had a cookie base that I textured as antique wood, painted with dark cyan color, and create a 3d effect of a wave coming out of the river in the painting. I achieved this by using Royal icing and fine paintbrushes to add texture and movement.

I also added texture to the base of the tree, and a little chunk of grass with white Royal Icing, and painted it over with black food coloring to match the shadows.



Here ⬆️ I added details with white Royal Icing to create a base texture


To finally cover it with a thin layer of gumpaste, and using a sponge I accentuated the texture.


Finally, I added details of blades of grass using white gumpaste. 




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AMAZING! I am floored by the amount of texture you were able to achieved through the use of so many different materials and then, of course, the many, many shades of white and blue gel color paints. I love how your vision changed and developed as you worked. I also love, love all of the process pics and descriptions. It really helped me to appreciate all of the fantastic things going on here. Fabulous!