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Great set! Wow!

A few posting reminders though: Please don't forget to tag your photos AND put them into clip sets. They should also be given descriptive titles, somthing other than the photo number from your camera. (This is the best way to ensure that your photos will be found by people and search engines later.) I edited this photo for you as an example only, so feel free to edit - and please do all classifying in the future. For all the important reasons for fully classifying your photos and how to, please read this post: http://cookieconnection.juliau...READ-BEFORE-YOU-POST


I just want your lovely cookies to be found. Thanks so much!

Thank you Julia, 


To be honest I couldn't find how to do it properly so thank you I appreciate it!! 

I will be sure to put the photos on properly next time- I was going in blind!!


Thank you to everyone who has liked my cookies it means a lot and is encouraging. 


These cutters I picked up at different locations Julia, and then I used smaller ones i had to cut out the handles - a littler personal touch Thanks again Marianna

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