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Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #37

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To create water effect I used agar-agar and ,wanted to give contrast in colours with  the little frog,also I used 2 different techniques or can we call 1 of then experiment

the white part on the corner like a dancing water I took a piece of gelatine sheet ,placed on solicone sheet in microwave for a 20 sec and then I splash a really bit of water on and again 20 sec in microwave...this is result of my experiment and have to say not bad at all 

I also used a bit of isomalt just for 2 drops on gingerbread "lake" and more tuff gelatine consistency to make a bubble 

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Elke Hoelzle posted:

My first reaction was beauty, but now reading how you made the cookie, how cool it was to try new technics!

Yes Elke ,was very exciting to work on,to try some experiments and new techniques which maybe whithout this challenge I'll never contrive❤️So thank you Christine @Bakerloo Station for this nice push opportunity❤️