Let's Go to the Beach!
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #23

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This is my β€œLet’s go to beach (summer)” cookie set with cold colors and silver color.

I referred to β€œcold color scheme” provided by Christine of @Bakerloo Station and when I made colors, I added a little blue to each color. 

 I rarely paint or draw but this time I did both on my cookies for my challenge. 

 Beach towel


After the white base is completely dried, fuzzy effect (stippling) is used.  The lines are added after that with a tiny brush.  It looks like towel texture (I hope)

 Summer dress


Edible lace is used.  3 colors are used for this lace, light blue, dark blue and purple.  Some part looks dark and some looks light, this is not because of the lighting.

 Sun glasses


I wanted to show the reflection.  After I draw, edible iridescent silver color powder (product of Scrap Cooking) is put on.  Depending on the angle, the reflection can be seen.

 Drink (sunrise at ocean, that's my image)  This one was really difficult for me.  Ice is really tough to express.  Actually I put some ice into colored liquid and tried to figure out how I could draw many times but I really could not figure out how to color ice in liquid.  Color of lime is also added blue, I changed the textures of lime inside and outside of the glass.

 Surf board and ocean  I paint ocean part.  Ocean is too calm for surfing today.  Surf board is left alone on the beach. 

 Bathing suits   It was fun to design bathing suits.  (these are not my bathing suits)


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carouselselsel posted:

Ryoko, my friend, this is just...WOW!!! Amazing set, love everything about it. Love the two different shades of green of the lime, the glass, the sunglases are...speachless, the dress is divine, the bathing suits are so fun, and how do you know what my towel looks like?!!! I LOVE it! ))

Zara, you make me smile and laugh, I did not know your towel looks like Cookie!!!  I am just kidding.  Thank you, my dear friend Zara.  

Laegwen posted:

Awesome set, Ryoko! The towel is way cool, but the sunglasses are killing me *lol*. It's amazing how you captured the reflection.

Too bad I have to go to work now, I'd rather grab the towel, the drink, and get comfy in the garden

Hi Leoni, this towel needs a little softer when it is washed.  

Sunglasses   what was reflected was a big issue to me.... ice cream, probably a good looking guy, maybe a girl playing on the beach (like the banner)....  I do not know whether I could draw, though.  

Sweet Prodigy - Christine posted:

Very creative, Ryoko, and so many wonderful details. My favorites are the towel and sunglasses !    β™₯

Hi Christine!  The towel is easy and fun to make, it might be a good idea to give the towel cookie to people who love beach and swimming.  I think I am going to make more this summer!!!!    Have fun summer!!