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carouselselsel posted:

I wanted to do crackled cookies for a long time. I found Julia's @Julia M. Usher recipe online. It best suited my needs and expectations among all the other recipes I went through, it's a great one! Thank you, Julia again and again for everything you do for us! And thank you for the inspiration!

Love Hut

Lovely bird houses, but I can't take credit for any crackle recipe. I'm not sure what you saw, but I haven't posted a crackle recipe online. I have a distressed technique in my baby cradle video, but the effect looks different than this.

carouselselsel posted:

Gosh, I was alsmost 100% sure it was you, Julia, but now I really can't find anything, it was months ago. I guess I saw the pic from Dolce Sentire tutorial 


 and because of the similar font I decided it was yours. I am so sorry for this confision. 

Yes, I thought it might be @Dolce Sentire's tutorial here on Cookie Connection. Thanks for posting the link here. And thank you to Dolce Sentire for writing that fabulous tutorial for us.

Cookies Fantastique by Carol posted:

These are just wonderful little "huts" Zara! I love the crackled finish you've used along with the gorgeous hearts and vines . Beautiful work, as always ❤️❤️

Thank you so much, dear Carol @Cookies Fantastique by Carol. You are the one who's always nice and supportive and I look forward your comments everytime.

Ryoko ~Cookie Ave. posted:

Zara, I want to do this technique, too and finally I could get AmeriColor white Aixa mentioned.   If I get lost, I am going to ask you what I should do. 

These are really lovely houses!  

Thanks, no prob! It's very easy and the effect is very nice.

swissophie posted:


Zara @carouselselsel and Ryoko @Ryoko ~Cookie Ave. , Tina @Tina at Sugar Wishes has a tutorial on her web page as well. Just thought you might be interested. It's really helpful... For some reason my mobile only let's me add the link in the beginning...

Thank you very much, Sonja @swissophie It's a great tuto, I was just wondering myself can I use dusts instead of americolor and this answered my question. Thanks again and thanks Tina for the tuto!