Love is in the Air - Nikki Carriere
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #33

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I think this one is my favorite. It's a 7" heart with puffs all around and a scroll that goes from one puff to another puff. Then there is a ribbon border around the puff. I saw lots of this particular design - and similar ones - all over the place and thought it would be a beautiful border for the heart cookie. I used a #199 open star for the puffs, #3 for the scroll on top, and #102 rose tip for the ribbon. I used a small heart cutter for the center and a #14 open star as the outline around the small heart with a #2 on top.2


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Julia M. Usher posted:

Lovely, though the photo is super small and tough to see. Remember that your images should be at least 600 pix wide to fill up the clip area on the site better.

Thank you, Julia. I can see if I can get a better shot of this and the Plaque one, too.