Lucrezia Borgia
Edible Lucrezia's portrait. Character played by Holliday Granger in "Borgias" TV series. Royal icing bas-relief and handpainted gingerbread.

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Cookieland by ZorniZZa posted:

Amazing work! You are an artist! Is your icing homemade? If I try to do this, it will soak and makes holes in it, kind of breaks, if you know what I mean. Anyway, gorgeous!

Thank you so much! Yes, my icing is homemade. I use dried egg white. I work with vodka and it's OK, no holes) But You need to be careful not to RUB in one place too often) 

Anne Marie Adams posted:

I agree with Evelin it's stunning.  I appreciate all the  extra close-up pictures  you took of your cookie. They help me to appreciate your work of art. Even more 

Thank you =**