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Mermaid Box
Another entry for Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #28 - Tutorial by Laegwen

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And my second entry for the Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #28.

For this I picked the http://cookieconnection.juliau...d-jetsam-trinket-box by @Laegwen. I love box designs. It's always a bit tricky to get everything to fit, but it's fun to do those projects.

Instead of doing a typical maritime box, I decided to give a mermaid theme a try. Mostly because I am not a big fan of the typical maritime stuff... even though I live at the coast. There we have that "Anne needs to modify everything a little" again

The wood effect doesn't look that good, as it lacks a bit of structure. That happened because my icing was too soft. Which was also a bit challenging for the shells and driftwood (yes, I have been too lazy to make it thicker, haha).
Thought that doing those would be easy, but it was tricky to get the shapes right or to make it look right. Sometimes I was ending up with some weird blobs of royal icing and had no idea what to do with those next.

Instead of working with colored icing I only used white one and painted everything after it was dry. That way I always have more control over the colors. Not quite happy with the result colorwise tough, as the purple (I only have that one color) doesn't match the mermaid colors I had in mind that well.

While assembling everything I realized that my box could have been a little bigger... or the decorations a bit smaller, but luckily it still did all fit together somehow.

Mermaid Box 2Mermaid Box 3


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Bakerloo Station posted:

I think this is terrific!  Your box fits together really well, and I think the colors are soft and lovely.  I am so glad you had the opportunity to make a second challenge entry.  This entry is a wonderful addition!

Thanks a lot, Christine! It's so much fun to do these challenges and while I was a bit sceptical first, I really like the result now.

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