Mixed Media-Inspired Heart
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #35

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Note: It's a rainy dark/overcast day here in Aus, and coupled with my dinosaur phone, I really struggled to get a photo that does this piece justice. (I took the photo on a side angle near a window, so that the light would highlight some of the more subtle features in the background)

I've really been loving mixed media art lately, so when this hand painted challenge popped up, I decided to use it as inspiration.

The entire cookie is done in a base of pale pink fondant. All other color was hand painted on with a combo of edible paint, gel food coloring and metallic dusts (mixed with alcohol to make a paint). There's literally nothing on the cookie that didn't meet a paint brush. 

Since layering is common in mixed media art, I wanted to replicate that in this cookie, (rather than just painting on a flat surface)

The cookie itself was hand cut, as I didn't have a heart cutter quite as large as I wanted this piece to be (14 x 14 cm)

I didn't get too many progress shots, because honestly, this piece was so experimental that I kept changing my idea and adding to/taking away as I went.


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I managed to nab my Mum's phone (which takes much clearer photos than mine) and I snapped this photo outside in brighter lighting. It gives a better idea of the scale of the cookie, and the light has illuminated all the subtle details such as the metallic gold and silver elements a lot better than the original pic I posted (which turned out a little darker than I hoped). 


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Ooooooooh I LOVE the mixed media! All of the layers of texture and color and pattern here is brilliant! Great choice to go with the pink fondant base, and I think the shimmery dusts really help highlight all of the the different layers and textures. This is a terrific entry!