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Mossy wooden boards with roses
This is a dark honey dough cookie, made in a mold. For this I modeled wooden boards from plasticine and made different molds out of it. Before baking, I brushed the cookie with wilton white and then baked. After baking I worked on the cookie with a fine file and brushed it with a little cocoa powder. Then I added moss from colored biscuit crumbs and glued on the icing rose. The leaves are also made with a mold and are made of fondant.




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Oh Gabi, how gorgeous!!! I love how you created your "wooden" cookies. They look completely realistic my dear @Icingsugarkeks. Your roses, too, are perfectly piped. Gorgeous!! 

Love these so much, Gabi ❀❀❀. Hugs...

Oh, as always Carol, I very love and appreciate your lovely words my dear cookie friend!!! Hugs my friend! ❀️😘❀️ @Cookies Fantastique

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