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Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #27

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These cookies are similar in my issues with Roses, roses, roses: first day the icing wasn't too bad, but the second day it was rainy and it "attacked" my icing. Still working on both styles of icing all the way to the edge of the cookie or leaving a small border. The icing on the golf balls and the tennis balls were not at the same consistency for the wet-on-wet. The volleyball and soccer ball transfers were done with the wax paper method. (I originally stated tissue paper - wrong. That's a different set. So sorry!)

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Bakerloo Station posted:

Well, you may have encountered many difficulties, but at least you did not end up with any footballs! I think that this set looks a touch more circular than the roses entry, so I think you can definitely say you have improved already!  I hope your son actually got to eat these super fun cookies!

Thank you, Bakerloo. I believe that after making four dozen circular cookies, you at least get more practice with trying to make circles better. (My son is grown up now, but his son will get to have some cookies this weekend.)

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