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β€œNasreddin Hodja cookie” is my contribution to the β€œOnce Upon... Today” Collaboration by Turkish Sugar Artists. 

The cookie is decorated with 100% coloured royal icing, using a 3D piping technique.

Nasreddin Hodja

Not well-known by the Western world, Nasreddin Hodja is a famous folk character in the Middle East, Central Asia, and parts of Europe. Nasreddin Hodja is characterised by being a wise man with great wit and his stories are told as jokes or humorous anecdotes.

He is mostly portrayed riding a donkey backwards... The story goes that one day Nasreddin Hodja got on his donkey facing towards the back. When people asked him why, he replied, β€œIt’s not me facing the wrong way, it’s the donkey!”

If he had lived in 2000s, I think Nasreddin Hodja would ride a bike not a donkey but this witty character wouldn’t leave his habit of facing backward. Instead of his old fellow donkey, Nasreddin Hodja would be accompanied by a lovely dog.

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