Nativity Scene
Merry Christmas!

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ritaknowles posted:

My goodness. The logistics of making this baffle me. I would not know where to start. Wonderful job and very professional.

Rita, my dear, I flew across the country with this cookie, and the flight attendent broke the back were the star is. I made this cookie to be part of the Brazilian Cookie Contest,  and even though it was broken, I got second place, if I recall right. ( I got 2 seconds and two 3rd places...)

Cookies Fantastique by Carol posted:

This is amazing Elke @Elke Hoelzle!! As with all of your work, the detail is fabulous! Love the nativity scene so much...wouldn't it be great to have this on your dining room table Christmas Day??? ❤️

Thak you Carol!! Yes, indeed! I need to fix it!