Oh, Hi Octopi!
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #17

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I used primarily one stencil for the sky, one for the waves (using the sky one intermittently), One for the Octopus, one for the dots and reused in different ways with the airbrush each of those. I used RI to make the octopus and then put it's negative stencil over top for details. And I used the wave stencil with luster-dust as well. Learned a lot and had super fun!


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Bakerloo Station posted:

Wonderful!  I love all of the gorgeous shades of blue and green and the fact that you made your own stencils.  What type of material did you make your stencils out of?  

Thank you, Christine! The sky and water were just made of computer paper because I like it's flexibility (both for cutting and manipulating it as I airbrush) but the octopus was made form a 3x5 photo paper [that came free in a package of ink for my printer]. It was cut with an exacto knife. I needed it to be more sturdy so I could put the RI through it and have dept while holding up to wiping off the excess (with a thin piece of photo paper). I wasn't sure if the green would come through but for the water I wanted to add a bit of interest so used the blue from the sky, a dark blue and the light green. As well as black and luster dust for accents.