Paris in a porcelain rose box

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Julia M. Usher posted:

Please tell us how the rose was done! It looks so shiny and smooth, just like porcelain.

Ahh, looking at this more closely, I believe it is porcelain, and part of the box lid!  Let me know if I'm wrong! It's hard to tell what's a cookie these days!

Tracy Merlau posted:

The rose is part of the porcelain box, would you prefer that I repost without the lid to avoid confusion? I was just trying to “window dress” the cookie.  

No, no need to re-post. I was confused by your title more than anything else. The inclusion of "rose" there made me think the rose was cookie too - but no biggie. I primarily asked because I was just curious!

😊😊😊You fooled me Tracy! I was so drawn to the shiny look of the lid that I thought it was a cookie decorated with corn syrup, which is a technique I’ve seen a lot lately!!! You know, the plaque shape and the same size of the Paris cookie tricked me😊😊😊

Anyway, the real Paris cookie is beautiful! You made me want to try rubber stamp.