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(Belated) Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #32 NON-ENTRY

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One year ago I went to Vietnam and while visiting the Citadel of HuΓ© I took pictures of these windows located along a wall. I liked the different patterns and I was somehow inspired to use them for cookies one day (actually I have been collecting thousands of pictures of places and things which are waiting to be cookie-ed)



So my non-entry is inspired to the patterns of those windows. Each pattern is a royal icing transfer which I transferred on each cookie few minutes after I flooded them. I sketched each pattern again in a way that they fitted the size of my cookies (I re-centered one and enlarged another one). Re-design them to fit on cookies has been time consuming. I would have liked to make all of them, but some of the patterns were too big or too small to be piped on the cookie and crop them or enlarge them didn’t add interest to the set. So I just picked five (the minimum number required to enter the Challenge), which BTW fitted perfectly in a tray I had home.


I know I missed the deadline for a few hours, but I had to wait this morning to take a picture! The picture for me is always the real challenge in cookie decorating!!! Anyway, mine is a non-entry and even if the cookies didn’t make it in the β€œPBP clip set” they will be always tied to this challenge and I am glad to have made them and somehow participated. 

Cookies Inspired to the Patterns Seen in The Citadel of HuΓ©, Vietnam


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Heather Bruce Sosa posted:

Nailed it, once again!!! Amazing work of art. So inspiring and beautiful, Manu! Thanks for always sharing the β€œbehind the scenes” which is as challenging as the actual decorating, and a proof that you are human, though with an incredible talent!

Congratulations, dear Manu!❀️

😊 Thank you @Heather Bruce Sosa!  I am definitely human and I need to have my eye tested asap if I want to do something similar again!!! I like talking about the β€œbehind the scenes” and I love to read about them. There are so many stories to tell behind each cookie!

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