pearls and roses
dog ate the whole thing

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ClassicCookies by Parr posted:

Teri, you must be so fast at this! How big is this cookies or was it? Glad you got a photo before the dog ate it. Is the dog fat? 

lol, not my dog but it might be fat! This oval is about 9" 

Sweet Kaleo (LeeAnn Slauson) posted:

OH GOSH, that's lovely. And I hope that the dog who ate the cookie was the "owner's" (as in owner of the cookie, bought and paid for - wink-wink)  dog. I would not be a very happy doggie mommy if one of mine did that!

Yes, but the thoughtful son ordered her another and this time I hope she displays it where it's not going to be a snack!!! lol