Piano by Dani Matos
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #34

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Julia M. Usher posted:

Lovely job! Seems pianos are a popular topic, but it's fun to see everyone's different takes on the same subject!

For sure! This shows how we see the same thing in a different way.... ;-)

Kim Damon posted:

So beautiful! I love your red roses and white grand together! This has almost a Phantom of the Apra vibe. Really lovely!

Thanks, Kim! I really love also the red roses with the white clean. It comes with a contrast between them. :-)

Bravo! I would love to see pictures of this from lots of different angles because this is a really intricate piano! I See how you cleverly avoided baking curved pieces for the side of the piano, but I will cut you some slack for incorporating some string work from the last challenge instead! Also, I will add that your piped roses are gorgeous!  Fabulous job!