pink pointsettia collection

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LeeLowe posted:

Thanks to you I've become convinced that pink is the perfect colour for christmas!

Do you add the glitter while the icing is wet? I feel the urge to go buy some


the sparkle on these is mystical dust and I sprinkle it on when dry after they all done very last thing and it gets EVERYWHERE lol but beautiful so much more sparkle and color than show in my pictures... I think it's beautiful... AND I have to agree with you Pink is the perfect Christmas color! Thank you

Teri Pringle Wood posted:
LeeLowe posted:

Mystical dust looks awesome! I wish they sold it here in Oz. I'll look for something similar. The effect is beautiful. I can imagine it gets everywhere

I have not order every thing, I live in the boonies

I'm lucky to have 2 cake decorating shops where I live, but some products can only be got from overseas and the exchange rate and international postage costs can make that prohibitive!

Cookies Fantistique by Carol posted:

These are amazing Teri!!! I absolutely LOVE all the pink glitter. Lol. I just finished a Christmas cookie using glitter and the effect is just stunning. I could go crazy with that stuff, especially for Christmas . Beautiful cookies!!

Thanks, I love it too