Piping Practice
Getting better :-) - Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #9

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Don't ask me what the fonts are called, I have no idea. They were done freehand, though I scratched a very, very slight line into the surface of the cookie so I wouldn't write in a curve.

The cookies are only 2.75 inch, so space was rather limited

I tried different fonts and can't remember which ones I used.  I did some cookies and didn't try the fonts - free hand lettering.  My first try on a cookie (I've practiced over and over again on wax paper and parchment).  They aren't great but I had fun trying and not overly upset with the outcome.

Originally Posted by Bakerloo Station:

I CANNOT believe these were done free-hand!  You have some keen eye and steady hand!  Beautiful.

Thanks for the compliment

I used to do some caligraphy when I was a kid. And even though piping is a bit different, my hand still seems to remember some of it.