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Plate with Sandwiches (by icingsugarkeks)
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #39

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Plate with sandwiches

Bread slices, sausage, cheese, lettuce, egg, strawberries = solid food
Dip, butter = liquid food
Decorative elements: grapes, spoons, pepper, violets

Media types:
cookies with Royal Icing, fondant-marzipan, hand-painted
2 bare cookies with whipped cream and instant gelatine
a little isomalt

Royal icing: butter, lettuce, egg, strawberries
Fondant marzipan: sausage, cheese
Hand-painted: sausage, strawberries
Chocolate: to garnish the strawberries
Isomalt: I used it to preserve the violet, which is a decoration on the white dip

What I'm proud of:
With these cookies everything worked right away as I imagined! I was really happy !!! I have wanted to make "sandwiches" out of cookies for sooo long and have never dared to do so.

What would I do differently:
I should have made the grape and the spoon from edible materials ...

What have I learned:
Don't be afraid to actually implement certain ideas !!

More pictures with and without flash and the "making of":



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