Poppy Hearts
For my mother

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Originally Posted by LilleKageHus:

Absolutely gorgeous cookies, those hearts are so clever, they really look 3 dimensional set into the plaque. 

Thank you very much. They kind of are set into it. I made the blue outside with the poppies first and left the heart shape unfilled because I wanted a 3-D effect. But just because my plans aim at one thing, this doesn't necessarily mean that I achieve it. Obviously this time I did

Originally Posted by Ahimsa Custom Cakes:

I love how you did the poppies!  I'm working on a Mother's Day set with poppies and I wish I could get them like this.  So gorgeous!

I think you did a great job with your Mother's Day poppy set! I wish I could paint like you. If I had painted my poopies instead of using wet-on-wet, you'd probably not even know they were poppies