Fat Bunnies
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #27 - Here is my third entry. I tried marking the inside of a cutter, it looked great and dried wonky

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The Decorated Cookie did an adorable bunny on her blog, but hers was with marshmallows and candy.  Check it out, absolutely adorable!  It gave me the idea for the fat bunny.  The icing again gave me nothing but trouble.  The last time it happened I got new meringue powder and it cleared up the problem.  Ordered new meringue powder last night.

Julia M. Usher posted:

So sweet! FYI - You hadn't put this in the challenge clip set, but fortunately I spotted it and put it there. Otherwise, it would not have been entered.


Bakerloo Station posted:

These are adorable! I am still bagfled by why uou have had so many problems with your icing. Hopefully some fresh meringue powder is all you need. Otherwise, even I am at a loss! I applaud you for not giving up!

Thanks!  The new meringue powder arrived and hopefully next week I can try decorate some cookies with new icing. Thanks again!