Quilled Peacock
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #33

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The whole peacock is one big transfer, and I messed up placing it on the cookie (off center). But am happy it didn't break! The outer feathers I reinforced with some white icing after the first round, and that helped.



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pip posted:

You made it a transfer!?😳  O my gosh Sonja, you did it again. Simply elegant.       Pip

BTW, how big is the cookie?

Even with a Pico I wouldn't have been able to get this design onto a cookie. It's way to complex, and I'm kind of a perfectionist , so the only way was to make it a transfer.

Since there is extra strength in the stacked lines, I was not worried too much about the interior where the lines touch each other. And the outside feathers, as mentioned above, I just reinforced with white icing. Still had to take extra care when transferring it onto the cookie, as I felt the peacock was with 20cm diameter too large to be held with fingers. I first got it loose with a thin, but quite sturdy piece of plastic and then with that pulled it onto a thin glass from a picture frame (had to be something transparent), then onto the cookie.

Thanks so much for your kind words, @pip ❤️❤️❤️!!!