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These little drips have lived in my mind for a few weeks now. I got online and studied water drips, only to find they looked nothing like I thought they did! In fact, this shape is not even the shape of a drop after it leaves it's source. It immediately turns into a sphere!  So the colors represent a reflection of everything our little water drop is suspended from. My little drips are a abstract vision of all I learned and my little drips are falling down a window pane (in my mind). Thank you, thank you, thank you for the fun of learning and growing, Christine and Julia. Attached are my little dripping darlings. 


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Bakerloo Station posted:

I love everything about these. I love how you studied actual water drops. I love these colors. These are such a beautiful, artistic representation of water. What a fabulous addition to the challenge!

Thanks so much! I try with any topic I'm going to cookie, to start with real life photographs, both to keep from copying what others have done and because the more times a subject is copied, the farther from the actual likeness you get. This was the perfect case in point, as what I looked for didn't even exist! I'm so glad you like these. Thanks for the great challange!

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