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Red Velvet Naked Cake

Red Velvet Naked Cake
For my Mam's 60th B-Day (she didn't want any more cookies...)

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Julia M. Usher posted:

It looks luscious. And I love the table it's on!

Thanks, Julia! It was delicious, hmmm.

And I love the sideboard, too. Normally the awesome CookieConnection chrystal trophy occupies that space 

Gulnaz posted:

It looks yummy, can you eat the roses too?

Thanks, Gulnaz! The roses are real ones, so yes, you can eat them. But you better don't, as you will eat a ton of herbicides too, if you do 

Cookies Fantastique by Carol posted:

 Such a gorgeous cake Leoni!! I love it and had to chuckle about your mom not wanting more cookies . I'm pretty sure my family feels the same.  Happy birthday to your mom!! She'll absolutely love this gorgeous cake

Thanks, Carol!

Most of my family, close friends, and colleagues are getting somewhat tired of cookies after a couple of years *lol*